(Login is your surname. Password can be send on bookings website.)

  • Credit in the amount of placed booking (must be stored on customer’s account in advance, according to the Pricelist.
  • Stored Credit can be used for payment of any sports activity or purchase of goods, or can be kept on customer’s account for future bookings and current visit can be paid using other type of payment – benefits, cash…
  • Booking rules are mandatory also for Multisport card holders. Benefit providers are not covering any costs in case of customer’s violation of Sportcenter’s Booking and Business terms & conditions.
  • Placed booking can be properly cancelled only 12 hours before its beginning.
  • In case of later cancellation of booking is client required to pay cancellation fee in the amount of 50% of the booking’s value. In case where booking is not cancelled even 6 hours before its beginning, or is not attended, cancellation fee in the amount of 100% of the booking’s value will be charged to the client account.
  • Any sport activities can be attended also without placing the booking in advance. In such case Sportcenter can not guarantee available free capacity at the desired time. Actual courts and lessons occupancy can be always checked at Online Bookings website.

  • Online payments are provided by ComGate systems – lincensed & supervised by Czech National Bank. Payments are secured and encrypted by 3D Secure technology.