Our Sportcenter offers wide range of exercise classes, suitable for all ages and categories. Exercise gallery is optically connected with racket sports area, so you will be always in the centre of all action! 🙂 You can choose from various exercise lessons, from slow classes of Pilates to intensive ‚TRX‘ suspension training. All classes are led by experienced trainers.



Is special indoor cycling program created for all age categories aimed to effectively improve your cardio-vascular system. Schwinn lessons will increase your physical endurance, reduce weight, and increase your motivation at the same time. You should not leave Schwinn lessons exhausted and without energy, but just the other way!


Lesson combines Schwinn Cycling and exercise training. It’s aimed to forming of whole body, strengthening and improving your physical endurance. In opposite to Circle Training, exercises are not in the form of changing stations.


This lesson is a fast way how to reduce your weight, built muscles and improve your endurance. Lessons starts on Schwinn bikes and continues with circle training – changing of exercises with other attendees. At the end the trainer will help you to flex whole body to improve the exercise effect and prevent possible future injuries.


Is a slow lesson that uses BOSU balance pads and is targeted for activation of deep core muscles and strengthening of problematic areas, such as tights, buttocks and arms.


Body Form lessons will help you to form and flex all muscle parts. You will also increase flexibility of spine, movement of all major joints, improve body posture and body coordination. Lessons starts with exercise of deep core muscles and continues to superficial muscles. Wide range of exercise equipment is also used on lesson – rollers, overballs, pilates rings and rubber expanders.


TRX is a shortcut for ‚Total Body Resistance Exercise‘. It represents modern and comprehensive exercise system based on your own weight and special suspension system. Lessons will help you with effective and fast training of whole body and will strengthen your core muscles. Due to it’s variability are lessons suitable for beginners but also for more experienced, level of exercise is always set individually by adjustment of suspension system.